Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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Enjoying the Chinese Delicacies

I’ve been enjoying a bit of sightseeing while here in China. Some of the Chinese Delicacies look to pretty to eat!

Lunch at Peking University’s 100th Year Centenary Event

These are some pictures from my lunch. In front of the school there are banners that say, “The 100 Year Anniversary of Beijing University”. As I wrote about earlier, Peking University was originally called Beijing University, but has since been renamed. When I first arrived at Beijing Airport, Zhuo Laoshi came to pick me up […]

Arrival in Beijing, China for 100th Year Centenary Celebrations at Peking University

I just arrived in Beijing, China at the Beijing Airport and I wanted to share some of my pictures from my journey to the Peking University’s 100th Year Centenary Celebration that will include a dinner gala and forum presentations from university leaders from around the world. Here are some views from the Beijing Airport in […]

Centenary Celebration and Gala Dinner at the International Center

The Centenary Celebration and Gala Dinner took place at the Conference Center at Peking University, Beijing, China, October 25, 2012. There were representatives from All Chinese Medical Universities who delivered speeches, and to my surprise, the Dean from the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. James O. Woolliscroft, also delivered a congratulation speech. Other speakers represented the University of […]

Beijing University Health Science Center Centenary Celebration – The President and Dean’s Forum

There were many participants at The President and Dean’s forum at Peking University Health Science Center. Different universities participated from around the world including Yale, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Nebraska, and UCLA. Collaboration of medical education in China was one of the first topics by a representative from the Australian University. She talked about wisdom according to the ancient philosopher, […]