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HANS Stimulator Unit + Protocols for How to Use

Hans Stimulator Unit

The HANS® acupoint nerve stimulator is a Transcutaneous, Electric Acupoint Stimulator (TEAS). Its technology is similar to other electronic acupuncture such as the TENS unit or an ETPS unit, but this unit combines the ancient healing technique of acupuncture with modern science and technology.

Through electrodes placed on needles and acupoints, gentle electrical stimulation at certain frequencies mobilizes the body’s own natural healing processes to restore biological balance. This unit was developed by Dr. Han Ji-Sheng of the Neuroscience Research Institute at Beijing University.


What’s Included

  • HANS-200E Unit
  • 1 pair of needle-type cable
  • 1 velvet carrying bag
  • 1 9v battery
  • 1 aluminum carrying case.
  • Han Institute protocols for how to use it, something only we can provide



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