Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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LifeVantage Protandim

Protandim is a daily dietary supplement that is meant to help the body regulate cells to fight against aging. It does this by targeting a specific gene that keeps cells from oxidating, much like an anti-oxidant. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric extract along with green tea extract, milk thistle extract, among others.

Protandim by LifeVantage

Protandim is the only supplement on the market clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress which slows down the cell aging process. This is not a conventional antioxidant supplement.  Each caplet contains photonutrients that tell the body’s genes to produce it’s own antioxidant enzymes.  This increases the antioxidant power more than any other conventional supplement or food.  Protandim is 100% Vegetarian – Free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Gelatin and Yeast.

Everyone in the Kokkalis family enjoys using Protandim.  My sons take it because they are playing soccer and are prone to tissue damage from a high contact sport.  I enjoy taking it to help me stay young and  healthy!

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