Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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How the Military is Using Acupuncture to Fight Pain

The United States military has found that Traditional Chinese acupuncture provides immediate relief for acute and chronic pain without the risk of addiction that can come from opioids. The process involves a small needle inserted into the ear, which has a “central effect” on the nervous system and the cingulate gyrus, an area of the […]

Acupuncture and Cupping at the Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru Automotive

Dr. Angelica Kokkalis recently attended Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru of Indiana Automotive in Lafayette on Thursday, July 12, 2018. It was so nice to interact with the community to help promote wellness. Acupuncture at the Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru Automotive Cupping at the Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru Automotive This blog post was […]

Musculoskeletal Recovery Protocol

At the Han Institute, we have created the Musculoskeletal Recovery Protocol that combines products from two innovative companies (American Elk Velvet and Wei Labs) that we have found over the years that strengthen patients’ bone and muscle health. The patches we use from Wei Labs, the FASTT Patch and WHITEE Patch, contain natural herbs that […]

Dry Needling in Indiana

Dry Needling: Indiana By Jennifer A. M. Stone MSOM, LAc Dry Needling is acupuncture and utilizes acupuncture needles. Under Indiana law, acupuncture falls under the definition of surgery:  Indiana Medical Practice Act section IC 25-22.5-1-1.1(a)(1)(C))                    “(C) the performing of any kind of surgical operation upon a human being, including tattooing, except […]

Dr. Angelica Kokkalis Presenting Dr. Han’s Research at the AAMA Annual Symposium

Dr. Angelica Kokkalis will be presenting Professor Han‘s research at the AAMA Annual Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA, in April, 2016.