Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

Picture of Angelica

Beijing University Health Science Center Centenary Celebration – The President and Dean’s Forum

There were many participants at The President and Dean’s forum at Peking University Health Science Center. Different universities participated from around the world including Yale, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Nebraska, and UCLA.

Collaboration of medical education in China was one of the first topics by a representative from the Australian University. She talked about wisdom according to the ancient philosopher, Confucius, and how much is to be learned from the Chinese both in the ancient world and in the modern era. Their university has already established a program of exchange students and looking for further collaboration in many areas.

The last photo is a slide of a key note speaker from UCLA integrating the Chinese symbol in his presentation I found it unusual and intresting. Saturday I am going to visit the Third Teaching Hospital where I did a part of my clinical training and see the changes that have taken place since I was there 5 years ago.

Topics discussed at the President and Dean’s Forum

1. Essential Health Profrssionals for a China Century by Prof. Lincoln Chen, President,china Medical Board
2. History, Presence and Future of UCLA medicine. By Prof. Ren Sun, Senior Associate Dean, UCLA School of Medicine &Associate Vice Provost, UCLA
3. Education and Training for Health Professionals by Prof. Yang Ke, Executive Vice President of PKU and PUHSC
4. Medical Education in a Provincial Healthcare System . By Dr. Gavin Stuart, Dean of Medicine, and Vice-Provost Health, University of British Columbia