Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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What Conditions are Treated with Acupuncture?

Commonly treated conditions:

Based on clinical experience, the World Health Organization advises that over 300 types of illness lend themselves to acupuncture treatment. A partial list includes:

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Food allergies, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, anorexia, peptic ulcer, gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel.

Urogenital disorders

Urinary tract infections, incontinence, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, infertility.

Gynecological Problems

PMS, menstrual difficulties infertility, fibrocystic disease, menopause problems.

Respiratory Problems

Asthma, emphysema, allergies, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash, sciatica, TMJ

Circulatory Disorders

High blood pressure, angina, muscle cramps, anemia, atherosclerosis.

Immune System Disorders

Chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, candidiasis, lupus.

Endocrine Disorders

Diabetes, hyper/hypothyroidism.

Emotional Problems

Stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety.


Alcohol, nicotine, sugar, recreational drugs, medications.


Bedwetting, hyperactivity, asthma.