Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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How Does Qigong Benefit Our Health?

The Aspects can be observed:

1. The regulation of body in Qigong(Posture).

Correct postures are the preconditions that guarantee smooth respiration and induce mental relaxation and tranquility. The lower level of Qigong effect comforts our body. The higher level of Qigong effect will put the out-of-order atoms and neural cells back in order.

2. The regulation of breathing in qigong(Respiration).

The regulation of breathing can achieve the effects of regulating the qi and blood and massaging the internal organs, resulting in tranquility and physical relaxation.

3. The regulation of mind in Qigong (Mind-will).

The key link in the regulation of mind is to concentrate the mind, get rid of all stray thoughts, replace myriads of thoughts with one thought through exertion of mind-will, thus gradually leading into tranquility and enter a state of void.