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Introducing Lin Xia

Lin Xia is a medical assistant for the Han Institute. She offers facial rejuvenation treatments via the HANS unit. Being educated in both Chinese and Japanese methods, Lin has developed her own technique of treatment style through many years of experience. She has worked with the elderly, athletes, and children. 

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In September of 2018, there will be a Connective Therapy Healing Retreat on how beneficial connective tissue therapy is along with acupuncture. Dr. Kokkalis will be attending this seminar along with Chad Wright, COTA, CMT, CBCT. This retreat will be a hands-on connective tissue bodywork (giving and receiving) and physical and cognitive practices for peace and interconnectedness. Participants will receive the benefits of physical freedom from pain and dysfunction, improved posture, emotional freedom and balance, clarity, and gained insight.

“We’re in a time where we can all benefit from more healing and peace. That starts with an individual inner commitment and understanding of how to live that way – going from a separate view and experience to a connected one.” -Chad Wright

Chad Wright will be sharing insights on treating the connective tissue called fascia that holds every part of our bodies together in a three-dimensional web-like manner through his amalgamated approach called Connective Therapy. Chad promotes a simple way of living in peace, joy, and passion through the perspective of everything being connected, which is called Connective Living. My clients are encouraged to take this workshop and learn ways to take care of themselves.

Chad is now available for appointments out of my Lafayette office.

The United States military has found that Traditional Chinese acupuncture provides immediate relief for acute and chronic pain without the risk of addiction that can come from opioids. The process involves a small needle inserted into the ear, which has a “central effect” on the nervous system and the cingulate gyrus, an area of the brain that processes pain.

The US Military is now using acupuncture to treat pain instead of addictive pills.

“They don’t have to wait hours for medications to take maximal effect or endure side effects, like drowsiness or allergic reactions, of common pain medications,” said Air Force Col. Lynda Vu, who recently administered Battlefield Acupuncture. “This allows personnel to go back to the fight with minimal impact to continuing mission operations.”

Acupuncture may not work on every patient, but it can also be used in combination with oral medications, which Niemtzow said are helpful treatment options when used appropriately. Patients are encouraged to explore other holistic treatment options, and to look beyond medicine and surgery. Vu recommended full spectrum acupuncture as a complementary therapy.

Dr. Angelica Kokkalis recently attended Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru of Indiana Automotive in Lafayette on Thursday, July 12, 2018. It was so nice to interact with the community to help promote wellness.

Acupuncture at the Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru Automotive

Cupping at the Lafayette Health Fair at Subaru Automotive

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At the Han Institute, we have created the Musculoskeletal Recovery Protocol that combines products from two innovative companies (American Elk Velvet and Wei Labs) that we have found over the years that strengthen patients’ bone and muscle health.

The patches we use from Wei Labs, the FASTT Patch and WHITEE Patch, contain natural herbs that operate synergistically to increase local blood flow in order to enhance nutrient supply. By increasing the nutritional supply to the site of degeneration, it accelerates the healing mechanism necessary for recovery. The patch also increases the local temperature, catalyzing metabolic reactions for effective damage repair. The patches also enhance the lymphatic circulation to remove accumulated metabolic waste.

When we combine the Wei FASTT patch with American Elk Velvet we can expect excellent results for ligament, muscle, tendon, and bone injuries such as sprains, strains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bone fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

When American Elk Velvet is used in combination with the Wei WHITEE Patch, it can be used for damaged cartilage and discs, cysts, scarring, nerve pain, osteoarthritis, stenosis, bulging herniated discs, pinched nerves, and torn meniscus.

Let me give you an example. When someone has tendonitis, the muscle needs to be treated, not just the tendon. This is because tendons connect muscle to bone, so when muscles are weakened or inflamed, they need to be treated too. In the same way, ligaments connect bone to bone, and also need to be treated.

Both ligaments and tendons are made out of collagen and the building blocks of collagen is IGF-1. American Elk Velvet, which naturally contains IGF-1, promotes collagen production, which will help with the repair of the tendons, ligaments, as well as muscle recovery and inflammation.