Dr. Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.

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Acupuncture Facelift

Cosmetic Acupuncture Information

Cosmetic acupuncture is meant to be a natural skin rejuvenation technique that stimulates the body’s healing energies and increases circulation to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Acupuncture, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is designed to free up Chi, or energy. When the needles are applied to the body and face, production of collagen and elastin may be stimulated, and skin is “plumped up.” Acupuncture is an effective anti-aging treatment; so much so it replaces the need for plastic surgery. During cosmetic acupuncture treatments such as the acupuncture facelift, tiny acupuncture needles are inserted in regions of the body to unblock one’s “qi”, or vital energy. An imperceptible electrical current may also be passed among the needles. An herbal moisturizer or essential oil is often incorporated into a treatment. A treatment series entails 30-minute treatments, twice weekly for three weeks.

Cosmetic acupuncture entails no incisions, sutures or acid peels and it will not produce sudden, drastic changes in underlying structures. It took decades of stress, sun damage and exposure to environmental toxins for your skin to reach a state of crisis, and the damage will not be instantly undone. The remedy cosmetic acupuncture may offer is the reduction or erasure of fine lines and the softening of deeper ones. Additionally, patients may experience the firming of jowls and a reduction in the size of under-eye bags. It is not unusual for clients to report enhanced skin tone, increased energy and eyes that sparkle. Cosmetic acupuncture is a good alternative for women who don’t want the side effects associated with a surgical facelift. Working on a 40-year-old face is different from a 60-year-old face, For that reason, starting the treatments when you’re in your 30s, or 40s is ideal.

Facial massage is performed weekly or every other week. Patients are also taught to perform self-massage at home with our proprietary herbal Regenerating Cream and Tonic Oil daily. Exercises, including Chi/energy and cardiovascular types, can contribute to improved blood flow into the face and elsewhere.
Additionally, patients are given herbal supplements, such as our proprietary skin formula that nourishes the skin and promotes healthy body functions within. Patients are counseled on a special beauty-skin diet and nutritional intake designed to detoxify as well as promote structural support.”